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HL= High fLiers!

This website has been designed not only for those IB students who chose Mathematics HL as their subject but also for other fans of mathematics.

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Extra lists of tasks in Polish if you need more exercises:
Limits continuity and differentiability
You may solve these tasks:
6.6, 6.7, 6.8, 6.10
7.3, 7.4
7.6, 10.7abef, 11.1hi (using de'l Hospital Rule)
8.2, 8.3 (only proving discontinuity)
More exercises-similar tasks from any of the lists from
(any lists that refers to 'Analiza matematyczna 1')

Exercises in series-any lists from the above address that refer to
'Analiza matematyczna 2', chose suitable tasks in series.

Jędrzej - since your attendance is below the expected 70% you are going to write an attendance examination. This will refer to the whole material in this semester, will have the rank of a major test and will be conducted as soon as possible.

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